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The art of driving online sales

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Domination. If you aren’t operating with a full-on e-presence, now is the time to jump in. When you consider that 56% of shoppers start their research on Amazon*, you gotta be there and know what you’re doing. It just isn’t enough to have your products accessible on etailers, it’s about helping customers find them easier, pushing aside the competition and breaking down the customers’ barriers to purchase. Our approach to breakthrough merchandising and informative content is designed to cause a chain reaction of clicks, taps, swipes, likes, add to carts that drive business.

We’ll work with your sales teams and brand teams to create a well thought out plan for any of the 100’s of etailers we deal with daily — from Amazon to Walmart and Jet, or Sephora to Ulta, and so many more. Our end-to-end eBiz solutions begin with a customer journey unique to the specific etailer, then we focus on building out the right shopping environment for your brand including digital merchandising, content creation, implementation, search marketing, and fulfillment. We help you build a brand presence, launch it, and optimize it all including Amazon content, A+ pages, brand store, brand shops, Amazon Sales Acceleration Program (ASAP), Amazon Marketing Service (AMS), Amazon Ad Platform (AAP), and the best damn content out there. Here’s a glimpse of what we do:

Strategy & Planning

You don’t always get a Plan B, that’s why we come up with winning strategies to make Plan A kill it. We determine the content pillars, brand tone of voice, keyword taxonomy, and target. Then we figure out just what makes the target tick and motivate their purchase.

Content to Cart™ Plan

We give everything users need to inspire people to shop and repeat. We drive traffic and sales by determining which search keywords are effective at capturing browsers vs. switchers vs. category shoppers and get the right people to the right place to shop your brand and convert. At the same time, we build a strong digital shelf including the right info, content, and pricing to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

Content & Execution

Content is the holy grail in engaging consumers with ecommerce, and we’ve not only found it but mastered it. Our custom content spans a full range of how to’s, ideas, and inspiration. We create custom content and content strategy playbooks to drive category sales for your brand.

On-going Support

We won’t leave you hangin’ like some shops; we stand by our work like a selfie-taking millennial on a road trip. We track and refine your strategy armed with information including ratings, reviews, sales performance, and conversion rates. We boost performance with intelligent search ads that see real results and inspiring content that infuses lifestyle to spark shoppers interest.

End-to-end Amazon Solutions

We take consumers through awareness, consideration, and purchase all while measuring success through a CQR score to measure an increase in KPI’s. We also look out for new opportunities by creating custom brands and white label brands as an additional revenue stream for businesses. Scrum50 facilitates ongoing success as we continuously learn, refresh, optimize, scale and develop stronger solutions for success on Amazon.