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Director, Product Owner

Do you have that “anything can be done” attitude? Does a love for problem solving drive you? We’re looking for you if you are looking to set the world on fire with your enthusiasm, curiosity and good ‘ole ability to keep sh*t organized and on-track. Our Product Owners are not the Account Managers of the old days. Ours make a difference, we add value, tangible value to our teams and clients. Sure, it’s great if you can make nicey-nice with clients but that’s not why they hire us. They hire us for our contribution to solving their marketing problems. And we’d hire you because you demonstrate the ability to wear so many hats, your closet looks like Lady Gaga’s. From brand strategy, to client management, to project delivery, you know what it takes to deliver the best ideas to our clients and you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. In fact, that’s what you’d rather be doing, making things happen.

Want to do something meaningful? Here, you get to be part of a movement changing the way that agencies work. We’re Agile. And not in a buzzwordy-everybody-says-it-now-to-make-themselves-seem-fast sorta way. But for real. Agile is an actual way of working, just ask your nearest software developer. We apply Agile in a way that cuts through the normal agency BS. We give more autonomy to our scrum teams to make decisions and get projects through. We believe that there’s nothing a small group of smart people can’t figure out in a couple hours on a white board. We don’t need death by 1,000 meetings. And meetings don’t need to last forever. Let’s get to the good stuff, don’t over process it, water it down and make it stale before it sees the light of day. We let the raw ideas get out there, and if the consumers don’t like it then we change it. But until then, no one is putting their “stamp” on it just to say they did.

Back to the ask. Where are you? We need hungry, smart, fun, risk-takers who want to be a part of the solution and not just facilitate it. Who, regardless of your age, know that there is something new to learn AND teach every day. And who are excited about the opportunity to continue to help build our world-class agency servicing some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Are you up to the challenge? We’re looking for:

  • A Director, Product Owner who may have been an unfulfilled Account Director, an overachieving Project Manager or an under-utilized strategist in your previous life. Your shoes are getting a little tight in your current gig and now it’s time for a change.
  • Must be driven and motivated. This new model is not for the snowflakes out there. It’s hard work. The people who thrive here don’t look around and wonder “who can do this,” they just do it.
  • You’ll help grow key accounts. Become a lead client’s best friend and become an indispensable strategic partner.
  • You’ll be the subject-matter expert on your client’s business for our internal team. You’ll know the ins and outs of what makes their business tick, who their audience is, what their pain-points are, what it means to “win” for them and you’ll have your own point-of-view on it.
  • And yes, you will need to be fiscally responsible. You understand the delicate balance of what it means to deliver the best solutions, on-budget. With one critical caveat, if the better solution is over budget, you’ll be very comfortable having that conversation with the client. They deserve to know with greatness, may come a small price tag.
  • You’ll be excited to help lead new business efforts. We’re nothing without our amazing clients and we need to spread the word and show the world why we are so damn different.
  • You’ll help elevate our work and inspire young talent. (Period.)
  • We hope you have something to say. We’re looking for people with a point-of-view on the marketing world and aren’t afraid to get published.
  • In-regards to the actual day-to-day here, you’ll keep a multi-disciplined team on-track, you’ll help your clients get to better solutions, you’ll help grow your business, you’ll shape a new way of working for the agency of the future. If it sounds like we are looking for a unicorn, we are. If you always thought you were one, we’d like to meet you.

So, if you have what it takes to work with the likes of Subway, NHL, Elizabeth Arden, Juicy Couture, Nestle and others, hit us up.