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Mid and Senior Level Content Leads

Passionate about creating content are ya? We’re looking for you if you are looking to set the world on fire with greatness. And to us, greatness is content that motivates and inspires people to think/create/talk/share and act. Here, you get to be part of a movement changing the way that content agencies work. You could be a cog in a wheel or you could ask “Why does the wheel need to be built this way? I’ve got a better idea.”

We’re Agile. And not in a buzzwordy-everybody-says-it-now-to-make-themselves-seem-fast sorta way. But for real. Agile is an actual way of working, just ask your nearest software developer. We apply Agile in a way that cuts through the normal agency BS. We give more autonomy to our scrum teams to make decisions and get projects through. We believe that there’s nothing a small group of smart people can’t figure out in a couple hours on a white board. We don’t need death by 1,000 meetings. And meetings don’t need to last forever. Let’s get to the good stuff, don’t over process it, water it down and make it stale before it sees the light of day. We let the raw ideas get out there, and if the consumers don’t like it then we change it. But until then, no one is putting their “stamp” on it just to say they did.

Back to the ask. Where are you? We need hungry, smart, fun, risk-takers who want to create great content, use their network of content creators for good and not evil and have the vision to build a world-class content studio servicing some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Are you up to the challenge? We’re looking for:

  • A group lead and mid-level content creators. To be considered in the group lead position, you should have a copy/editorial background. Must still love the craft so much that you are willing to lead teams, get your hands dirty sometimes and write stuff.
  • Must be driven and motivated. This new model is not for the snowflakes out there. It’s hard work. The people who thrive here don’t look around and wonder “who can do this,” they just do it.
  • You’ll help grow key accounts. Become a lead client’s best friend and become an indispensable creative partner.
  • You’ll be hungry to make this content studio different than others in the industry. You’ll marry our Agile philosophy with content creation and build something the agency landscape hasn’t seen before.
  • You’ll be excited to help lead new business efforts. We’re nothing without our amazing clients and we need to spread the word and show the world why we are so damn different.
  • You’ll help elevate our work and inspire young talent. (Period.)
  • We hope you have something to say. We’re looking for people with a point-of-view on the marketing world and aren’t afraid to get published.
  • In regards to the actual content, you will lead content strategy creation across digital and streaming channels, define and execute voice and tone for brands, guide and participate in the creation of a multitude of content formats through a variety of staff and freelancers, soak up industry trends to bring new thinking to our client and have an eye to analytics and metrics to constantly be improving the work.

So if you have what it takes to work with the likes of Subway, NHL, Elizabeth Arden, Juicy Couture, Nestle and others, hit us up.