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VP, Creative Director

One of Ad Age’s “Best Places to Work 2019 & 2020”, is on the hunt for a creative visionary. Someone who is always asking questions, always pushing themselves and their team to achieve bigger and better and always challenging the status quo. Scrum50’s next VP, Creative Director is going to be a powerhouse that has passion for the craft of language, design and communication. Understands that great creative can’t happen without great strategy and they will contribute to leading those strategies. 

Scrum50 is the first-born Agile agency out there. We’ve applied Agile methodologies to marketing, which means, we get work done. Our new VP, CD will need to be decisive, fast-acting and lead their team of about 20 with clarity, collaboration and a touch of humility… because we are risk takers and we fail fast, course correct and move on. 

We have the most talented team in the agency world and we do work for some of the biggest and best clients on the planet. Our work spans across branding and crafting brand purpose to redefining customer experiences to global content strategies and content creation to redesigning global websites. Is this position made for you?


  • You will report to the Executive Creative Director // Partner of the agency and help lead a rapidly growing design/content/motion graphics team of 20 + spanning across full-time employees to freelancers. You will efficiently and effectively help manage their work, workload, and on-time delivery as well as mentoring and empowering their career growth
  • While you will be managing businesses and teams, you love what you do so much that you still get your hands dirty; drafting content strategy decks, writing a little, brainstorming a little. It’s certainly not beneath you
  • You will be a huge cultural influence for our team. Keeping up the high-energy, collaborative spirit already engrained into our every day
  • Help the team achieve creative excellence and unprecedented levels of output within a very demanding, results-driven organization
  • Assist in driving tight, action-oriented briefs and unearthing incredible, salient insights
  • You have an intimate knowledge of what it takes to guide the creative process of everything from web development projects to ecommerce to brand positioning 
  • You are a great communicator. To internal teams, to clients and to management, you are clear, concise, thoughtful and charismatic
  • Ensure the creative quality and timeliness of every new business pitch submission
  • You are still hungry. This job in CT is not a way to decelerate, it’s a way to do exactly what you’ve been doing with the extra benefit of fresh air and an incredible team to do it with


You have:

  • 10-18 yrs experience spanning creative direction, editorial, design, agency, digital, branded content
  • A writing background, have done ground-breaking B2B and B2C work, and have personally led and authored content strategy work
  • Awards, lots of great awards, but not the overbearing ego that sometimes goes with them 
  • You’ve worked at large agencies and small ones and have cherry-picked the best principles and aspects of both as your guiding star
  • You’ve stayed current on the latest technologies and trends in the industry and you know how to apply them
  • Proven track record of effectively and efficiently managing multiple teams and multiple businesses at once
  • Incredibly strong work ethic, we’re a family here, and you don’t let down your family
  • A passionate team of people who love working with you. You foster loyalty among your team and they will be very sad to see you come work here. But maybe someday they’ll follow you. 
  • Excellent public speaking and pitching skills
  • Deep knowledge and interest in digital media, social media, content & technology
  • Passion, positivity, curiosity, self-motivation, perseverance
  • The ability to thrive in an incredibly fast-paced, entrepreneurial and creatively demanding environment and will have to balance many projects at once with tight deadlines and schedules. So your problem-solving skills are on-point
  • A KILLER portfolio