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Copywriting Intern

Who they are:

The Copywriter is an adaptable, witty, creative wordsmith. They have no problem writing for a variety of brands and they secretly love correcting grammatical errors. In fact, they’re searching for a copywriting error right now in this very job listing. (Good luck.)

What they do:

The Copywriter is an asset in the office for a variety of creative and technical projects. They’re comfortable working with multiple teams and shifting voices for each brand identity. From crafting fresh, strategic copy for client products and digital platforms to converting creative content into organized copy decks, they always deliver and are eager to learn.

A note from a previous Copywriting ninja:

“My time as a Copywriting Intern at Scrum50 taught me so much more than just writing skills. It taught me adaptability, accountability and professionalism. As someone who had completed two internships prior to my time at Scrum50, I was also pleasantly surprised by the many unique lessons and experiences I was able to gain throughout this immersive program.”

Graphic Design Intern

Who they are:

The Graphic Designer is eager, creative and passionate about conceptualizing big ideas and turning them into beautiful, effective visuals. They approach each project thoughtfully and view challenges as opportunities to explore new possibilities. They don’t fear constructive criticism, they thrive on it. Their personal brand is on point, giving them a strong understanding of brand identity and development.

What they do:

The Graphic Designer works closely with Product Owners and the Art Director to deliver innovative visual assets that brands will love. They create illustrations for products that appear on large-scale platforms including Amazon and have a keen understanding of the role graphics play in the digital space. They give their full effort to every project and aren't satisfied until the client is.

A note from a previous Graphic Design ninja:

“The creative atmosphere and open-mindedness of Scrum50’s employees have allowed me to feel safe and secure while working as a Design Intern. Since starting at Scrum50, I have been able to push myself further into understanding this business with every project I’ve been given. I’ve developed both my digital and formatting skills, as well as exploring my own potential within an agile agency.”

UX/CX Intern

Who they are:

The UX/CX Design Intern is inquisitive, curious, patient and open-minded. A day spent problem-solving and researching is a successful day for them. They assist with major projects by thinking empathetically and completing in-depth market research. They are detail-oriented when completing technical tasks, but love an opportunity to flex their creative muscles.

What they do:

The UX/CX Design intern taps into the mind of the modern user, conducting user and brand-competitive research, all while establishing specific user behaviors and needs for our clients. They create wireframes, have an inclination for qualitative research, understand social psychology, and love the challenge of learning new skills both independently and as part of a team.

A note from a previous UX/CX design ninja:

“Being a part of the Scrum50 community has been more than I could ask for. As an intern, I feel valued and can see the appreciation for the work I do. I am welcome on new teams for major projects and always encouraged to contribute. Scrum50 wants to help me reach my fullest potential, and it has made for one of the most valuable experiences of my college career.”

Product Owner Intern

Who they are:

The Product Owner Intern is detail-oriented and results-driven. They are an avid scheduler, an excellent communicator and a natural leader. They understand the value of agility when communicating with teams, both internally and client-facing. Their versatility makes them an asset to the team, as they take on any task necessary to get the job done.

What they do:

The Product Owner Intern does it all. They audit and manage brand stores on Amazon, create organized timelines and meeting schedules, and deliver clear, concise research to their teams. From managing team workflow to presenting new work to clients, they’re the ones making sure every deadline is met and all expectations are exceeded.

A note from a previous Product Owner polymath:

“At Scrum50, I’ve been delightfully surprised by the amount of important work I get to do for the company compared to other internships I’ve had. I am often asked to attend and participate in meetings and calls with big-name clients, an opportunity that has given me great insight into how the agency and eCommerce worlds work.”

Tech Intern

Who they are:

The Tech Intern is a quick learner, a natural collaborator, a hard worker and a web ninja. They are not daunted by challenges, in fact, they see them as opportunities to learn and grow. Coding is second nature to them and they view learning new programming languages as exciting opportunities. They value input and collaboration from the team and pride themselves on delivering quality work on tight deadlines.

What they do:

The Tech Intern assists creative teams with all things tech. From evaluating web design from an implementation perspective to actually bringing those design to life through code. They work closely with the VP of Technology and VP of Operations and interact with the team daily to provide progress updates and receive feedback.

A note from a previous Tech polymath:

“During my time at Scrum50, I learned the basics of web development flow including managing version control, plugins, and publishing. I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with clients and make changes to websites that go live instantly for thousands of viewers to see every week. The team at Scrum50 took the time to help me develop new skills and put them to use directly on client sites.”

The Intern

Who they are:

An Intern at Scrum50 is enthusiastic, curious, bold and versatile. They are creative but attentive to detail, outgoing but humble, confident but not cocky. They seek mentorship and learning experiences but also aim to be a proactive self-starter. They are inquisitive and helpful, passionate about digital marketing and are ready to join a team of scrappy, ambitious individuals.

What they do:

Honestly, they do it all. An Intern at Scrum50 has the opportunity to help any and all of our creative and technical teams over the course of the internship program. From assisting with in-house photoshoots to sitting in on client meetings with big-name brands, interns get first-hand experience working on agile digital marketing projects.

A note from a previous Scrum50 ninja:

“When looking for an internship, I found myself a bit lost. I had experience in a variety of areas of marketing and didn’t want to box myself into just one thing. Scrum50 ended up being the perfect place for me. The horizontal style of this agile team made it easy to bounce from design to writing to strategy–in fact, everyone at Scrum50 helps out with projects outside of their “department”, so it’s almost impossible to find yourself stuck doing the same thing every day. Trust me, this is the place for motivated, adaptable young professionals.”

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