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Frictionless. Understanding customer’s needs, knowing what they want, and how your product fits into their lives is more important than ever before. A brand has to know what real live human beings expect when they engage with your product or service in digital or physical space. Scrum50 knows customers better than they know themselves. We truly believe the customer’s journey is critical for a brand to be able to deliver a frictionless experience, anticipate their needs like a chess champ and deliver content and functionality that breaks down their barriers to purchase, engagement and gives them a shareable, repeatable feeling of satisfaction with each experience.

We take current and prospective customers on an emotional journey creating a connection through awareness, discovery, cultivation, and advocacy with your product or service that wins new customers and retains existing customers. We address customer feedback and measure the ROI to optimize the CX performance — not for us, not for you — for the customer because ultimately its customers who make or break a brand. While 89% of companies believe they deliver exceptional customer experiences, only 8% of their customers agree.*

Scrum50 has a team so experienced in creating powerful brand experiences using an array of specifically designed practices. We leverage customer data and work with your brand on these critical elements of compelling customer experience:

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Scrum50 strives to understand better who your customers are, what they want and need, and how they experience your brand. We get to know your customer like a team of CSI detectives; we become your customer, we get to know everything about them, and not the typical marketing overview BS, the real deal truth and their real opinions. An arsenal of research helps us get to the bottom of it all, including user testing, focus groups, surveys, ethnographic research, usability testing, concept testing, card sorting, site and social data, field studies, interviews, remote testing, and anything that gets the job done. Hell, we’ll go hang out with the customer for the weekend if we have to.

Persona & User Story Development

Creating personas helps break down real-world customer data gathered through research and analytics into insightful audience segments. They provide your brand and our team with a shared understanding of the user regarding goals and capabilities. Personas give key stakeholders an opportunity to discuss critical features and help team members share a consistent understanding of the user group. Creating the personas and developing the user story also enables our designers to develop informed wireframes and site architecture.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping allows you to view the brand experience from the customers’ point of view across all channels, interactions, and touchpoints. It exposes customers’ issues, helps identify points of empathy and defines gaps between customer expectations and their actual experiences. Journey mapping is a staple in identifying the strong points and more importantly discovering room for improvement.

Analysis, Strategy, and Planning

Time to put all that research into motion through competitive analysis, and gap analysis. We pull it apart, translate it, and see what it means against the competition. Are they dealing with the same obstacles, or have they overcome them? If so, how? Then we get to the good stuff and come up with solutions based on insights and research through interactive ideation workshops with you, and visioning exercises. Coming up with a comprehensive strategy and putting a plan in motion using Experience Task Mapping and Analysis, Feature Prioritization, CX Governance, and Experience Strategy.

UX Design

To our CX experts at Scrum50, it’s all about creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to customers. We do it by creating usable and smart site architecture, navigation, structure and content strategy —validated by user needs, wants and expectations. Including:

  • Site Maps
  • User Flows
  • Interaction Maps
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframes
  • Test and Learn


* Forbes 2018