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Getting in front of your audience

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Push and Pull. Great content doesn’t reach its full potential unless someone can engage with it. It’s the biggest mistake brands make in producing content today. Just publishing or posting is not enough. It’s all about content delivery optimization. Sure, it’s important to create clever, creative content. But it is critical for that content to get in front of the right audience at just the right time.

The Scrum50 approach to content media distribution finds the most strategically strong methods of getting that content goodness in front of the audiences that matter for your brand.

Audiences need to find your brand and your content. Our smart, cutting edge search engine optimization techniques ensure your content is search engine-friendly. Yes, the search rules change often…so our Agile Content Lab team is constantly studying the search trends. Because SERP position matters (that’s search engine results page). When your customers are searching for your expertise, they should find it on page number one of the search results. All of our content generated gets the SEO treatment. It’s just good practice, and we bake it all in through our agile content approach.

But what happens if your potential customers aren’t searching for you yet? Well, then that content needs to be pushed out to the right audience. There are quite a few content distribution tactics in our toolbox, and a strong digital media strategy can determine the right ones to hit (and exceed) your content goals. Paid and owned platforms, social distribution, media buys…the list goes on. But not every tactic works for every objective. We know what works best for what kind of content.

It doesn’t matter if we’re driving to purchase or building positive sentiment. If you’re producing content without a content media distribution plan, you might as well be yelling on the street corner. Sure, someone might hear you, but do they care about your message? Or do they just think you’re talking to yourself?

“If you’re producing content without a content media distribution plan, you might as well be yelling on the street corner.”

Search Engine Optimization

From keywords to title tags, page descriptions to alt tags and beyond (we’re up on the ever-changing must haves). We make sure all digital content produced is optimized for search.

Search Engine Marketing

When optimization just isn’t enough. SEM is a nice spot in between SEO and straight up paid media. We customize your search marketing strategy to get the most bang for your paid search buck. In addition, the learnings from a paid SEM media plan allows us to use the data acquired to inform a more in-depth, strategic SEO strategy.


Targeting your audience with messages, images, or offers that are specific to their own preferences and habits makes for personalized, highly effective content.

Media Planning

Paid media marketing can be overwhelming and confusing. We’ve been there. Our media experts craft media plans to crush your brand goals and objectives. Our planning covers it all – from paid social to takeovers to TV spots to content distribution networks. We get your content out there and seen by the right audience.

Social Distribution

Our Agile Content Lab team is fluent in social. Paid social media and owned social media can be very powerful content distribution tools…but only if you know how to wield them. Our team can put your message on blast or be surgically precise with your social content.

Customer Optimized Content

When your customers experience content is also a critical component to our distribution plans. The right piece of content at the right point in your customer journey can drive them to complete high-value tasks to deepen their relationship with your brand.